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Biomate Digital Surgical Guide

The best MATE for guided implant surgery

Biomate Implant Advantages

With a comprehensive computer-guided solution that assists dental implantologist in all phases of implant surgery and Dental Implant Brands.

 Professional engineers help dentists to execute the computer-assisted surgery. The software for the computer-assisted surgery is user-friendly.

 Assists dentists using 3D printing technology and provides quantifiable data.

 The template guide not only increases the success rate, but also shortens the surgery time and lowers the risk of the surgery.

 Improve the quality of beauty repair in the anterior aesthetic zone.

 Cooperate with the minimally invasive surgery.

 Considering the occlusal force on the fixture in order to extend life of implant.

Professional Assisted-Computer Tool specially designed for the Professionals

According to the implant planning, it would tell you the information about distance between the implant and the near tissues, and provide you with complete report and correction advice.

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