〔Biomate Exhibition information〕Biomate Participated in AEEDC DUBAI 2017

The last time when Biomate went to Dubai for international dental exhibition was 2015. After 2 years, when we came here again for the AEEDC Dubai, we could already see the small achievement which we had managed in Middle East. Even though Biomate was a new rising star, the unique and outstanding Biomate implant won the favor of doctors in Middle East. We are very proud that we can compete with worldwide major implant companies in the competitive international market. This time Biomate arranged a group of heavyweight implantologists of the leading chain hospital in Middle East to join Dr. Chiang’s speech. These doctors not only asked questions actively but also proposed concrete research program and participate willing. It showed that these doctors not only believed our products but also approved our research direction.

With characteristic and strong ambition, we can truly carve out a niche. Dr. Chiang’s speech let the visiting doctors have deeper understanding about Biomate’s laser surface treatment and also the confidence of osseointegration. In addition, several doctors proposed to Dr. Chiang which hoped we could design a new surface treatment with Biomate laser technology, and they were willing to join the research team. We were honored that Biomate implant can be approved by these doctor who came from Europe or America and worked in Middle East, and we had seen the prescient and farsighted vision of dental implant with laser technology which we had cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute. This time Biomate also arranged a few distributors located in Middle East to have a meeting and a visit to the director of dental college in Middle East, and the board director of Saudi Dental Society. The full schedule brought us infinite joy and accomplishment.

As a member of Taiwanese dental implant brand, Biomate is proud of Taiwanese excellent technology, our farsighted entrepreneur, and those doctors who use Biomate implant. Because of these factors, the Taiwanese local corporation can be deeply rooted in Taiwan. Especially we are most thankful to Dr. Chiang, he introduce the Biomate implant to foreign doctors with the perfect presentation, letting Biomate be accepted and approved by doctors and distributors in the shortest time.