〔BIOMATE IAI〕Biomate sponsors AARD annual congress

Biomate collaborates with the Association of Asia Reconstructive Dentistry(AARD) this year. Biomate provides Biomate Dental Implant System that the most suitable for his unique technique of AARD to the hands-on course. Meanwhile, Biomate sponsors AARD annual congress.

Through this annual congress, Biomate invites the dentists from Korea , Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand, to participate the grand event.
The CEO of AARD, Dr. Li Ming Ko introduced the unique surgery technique of AARD to the overseas dentists. After Dr. Li’s speech, Dentists were amazed by the unique surgery skill and will promote the skill after going back to their country. The head of this participation team, Prof. Dr. Natthamet said that he was interested in establishing the branch of AARD in Thailand.

The chairman of Biomate IAI, Prof. Dr. Chiang's remarkable lecture “Laser surface treatment: The link between the implant and bone life” had greatly impressed the dentists and won their acknowledgement.

That was an excellent annual congress, because the Prof. Dr. Fumihiko Watanabe from Nippon Niigata University and the Dr. Ronnie Yap from Singapore both brought new technique and knowledge.