Single Tooth Missing

When you have accident in your life, such as sports injury or car accident, and cause tooth lost, traditional dental bridge or removable dental prosthesis not only cause you to be in convenience, but also impact the surrounding healthy teeth and your facial appearance.
Now, we recommend dental implant that is an optimal treatment manner. By choice of Biomate implant, you don’t need to sacrifice your healthy teeth and you don’t have to worry about metal hook that causes you uncomfortable or your prosthesis that could unexpectedly loosen to cause your embarrass. Also, food residual is not easily to be hooked between teeth and chewing naturally is possible by profits from implant having resistance against forces from action of chewing. Biomate implant is almost regeneration of your genetic tooth. Customized ceramic prosthesis crown accompanies you for life-long under good maintenance.



Step1. Assessment before surgery:
Before treatment is carried out, your dentist for implant treatment would discuss with you to understand your needs for setting up your personal treatment plan and to answer all of your questions. You personally participate with your own treatment plan with your dentist for optimal options, of course, your budget would be highly considered as a result. When assessment is positive and you decide to accept implant treatment and then this treatment would be carried out by two phases.

Step2. Implantation:
Implantation of a single tooth normally costs less time. The location of implant would be carefully decided by your dentist. After implantation, your dentist would close gum by stitches and osseointegration is the next process.
In general, wound closure of gum is fast. After two weeks, stitches could be removed away. During osseointegration phase, regenerated bon cells would be closely united with implant that requires normally 4 to 6 months. BIOMATE implant applies PDLTM surface as our unique surface treatment skill to advance blood compatibility and contact face with alveolar bones. By this way, optimal osseointegration is achieved. During this osseointegration, you could still have diet as usual by wearing of temporary prosthesis.

Step3. Placement of prosthesis:
After wound closure at the location of implantation is successfully completed, your dentist would cut gum again to place gum formation auxiliary. Gum formation requires normally 2 weeks. Through this process, natural appearance as genetic teeth would be achieved following prosthesis placement.
During these 2 weeks, our professional dental technicians would customize your ceramic prosthesis. At last, your dentist would replace the temporary prosthesis by ceramic one. Under tight screw and firm connection of implant and prosthesis, no one could tell the differences between your implanted and genetic teeth.
If your bone condition is excellent under assessment of our dentist, placement of prosthesis is possible to be at the same day when implantation is carried out. Instant tooth usable with high quality is not only a dream anymore.

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