Teeth Brushing-Bass Method

Good daily oral caring helps your to effectively prevent against gingivitis, and is one of essential conditions to achieve successful dental implant. Nowadays, Bass method is the recommendations among the propagandas of American Academy of Periodontology as well as of academies of medicine in Taiwan. Here we offer Bass method for you:

Step 1 Put your brush, in an angle of 45o, on the border of your teeth and gums.
Step 2 Gently shake your hands between right and left side; and then move your brush downwards by a force of rotation.
Step 3 Brush 1 tooth or 2 teeth each time by following the processes of steps II. Please brush gently your tooth/teeth.
Step 4 Follow the same processes aforementioned for the teeth of your lower jaw. However, please change your direction of rotation as upward for these teeth.
Step 5 Finally, don’t forget the inward face of your teeth.


Why it is important to effectively brush your teeth? Because wrong brush method can’t effectively remove dental plaque and food residuals between teeth, also is possible to damage enamel texture on surface of our teeth. Only that correctly brush your teeth does help you to effectively prevent from gingivitis.