About Periodontitis

What is Periodontitis?
Periodontitis is a kind of bacterial infection that slowly but continuously affect people’s mouth, usually occurs on teeth surrounding tissue like gum, alveolar bone and dental ligament, causing alveolar bone destruction that led to tooth dropping. 75% of adult having tooth drop is due to periodontitis.

Factors causing of periodontitis:

1. Dental Plague; 2. Bad Oral Hygiene; 3. Diabetes; 4. Smoking; 5. Hereditary; 6. Pressure; 7. Dietary; 8.Others


Symptoms of Periodontitis:
Periodontitis is a chronic disease that shows no obvious symptom in primary stage, severe discomfort usually appears in later stage when the disease has already worsened.
Gum bleeding when brushing teeth, or even not brushing teeth
Swollen Gum
Stinky Breath
Gum Receding
Loosed Teeth
Malocclusion causing discomfort
If you have any of the above symptom, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Periodontitis Prevention
Dental plague is the major factor of periodontitis, thus, it is important to clean your teeth thoroughly and correctly in order to diminish the growth of dental plague. Prevention shall also be done by regular check-up with the dentist.

Thorough and correct teeth cleaning.
Regular check-up
Build-up one’s resistance to diseases
Visit the dentist for any infected or missing teeth