Dental Implant-Human's Third Pair of Teeth

Since several thousand years ago, we human beings have sought a kind of permanent substitution for the teeth we lost or have to lose for health consideration. Evidence shows that under ancient cultivations in Egypt and in middle and southern America we human beings have attempted to plant substitutions into their alveolar bone. Until the end of 20th century, dental implant has achieved its success due to science research, development in bio-materials and accumulation of clinical experiences. Therefore, dental implant now is one of the daily therapy options for dentists in this 21st century.

Dental implant has been always our dream after the very first genetic tooth was being lost from the gum of human beings. How can we implant tooth/teeth and make it rooted, firmed and functioned with occlusion to help those patients who are suffering from losing their tooth/teeth? Dental implant has a long history. However, this therapy has not been widely accepted by dentistry until just recent 20 years. Even some of its fundamental concepts and manners have been confirmed and adopted only in recent 15 years.
In 1981, Pre-Ingvar Branemark of Sweden introduced his idea of osseointegration to this world and then endosseous implant has been widely applied into clinical therapy. Nowadays, more than 90 % of dental implant was designed under the concept of ossointegration.

A dentist apply dental implant by using titanium as root of a tooth at the upper or lower jawbone of where a tooth was lost to support dental prosthesis because titanium features of its good union with bones. Dental implant normally is carried out by two phases. In the phase one, a dentist places artificial tooth root, which is implant, in titanium into bones; and in the phase two, after osseointegration, prosthesis is placed on top of implant. There are implant in various shapes and design for customers to choose. Dentists have different options depending on different conditions such as bone conditions, location of implant, personal acknowledge from trainings etc.

(Internal Periodicals of Taichung Hospital, issue April 3rd, 2000)