Using Dental Floss and Interdental Brush

Interdental brush is applied for wider diastem, base of dental filling, and root of wisdom teeth of lower jaw. This kind of brush specializes in cleaning of locations where normal tooth brushes are not easily to reach, and also is a crucial cleaning tool for maintenance normal function of dental implant.

Steps and notices of using interdental brushes: 
1. First, interdental brush is inserted into oral cave from cheek side and gently contact surface of teeth, and then brushes teeth.
2. Second, interdental brush is inserted into oral cave from tongue side, and follows the process as step 1.
3. Bleedings from gums is often and normally seen at initiation of using interdental brush. This phenomenon would disappear after a period of time.
4. For tighter teeth arrangements, dental floss is recommended.

Steps and notices of using dental floss:
a. Get dental floss in a length of around 45cm, which about the length of our lower arms
b. Tighten the dental floss and wind it around the second joint of your middle finger.
c. Straighten your thumb and index figure of the same hand palm while turn your wrist for thumb to be positioned on the right by comparing with your index figure of the same palm to be positioned on the left.
d. Put the dental floss close contact with the adjoining face of teeth, which forms nearly a “C” shape. Move your hand palm with dental floss to scratch your teeth face for removal of dental plaque.
e. For the teeth in back part of your upper jaw, please apply the manner aforementioned with help from both your two index figure. Dental floss should be maintained in a length of 1 to 2 cm.
f. For the teeth in the back of lower jaw, please apply the same manner as point 5 aforementioned.