Chairman's message


I have heard from these friends of mine from the doctor group talking about how reliant the dentist market of Taiwan may be depending on the imported implants from Europe and the United States. It is a constant suffering that doctors shall experience through for the service requirement cannot be able to get things done at once, which results in the loss of competitive niche. Even now most of the dentist masters and apprentices with professional skills in dental implant technology indirectly lose their customers for the technology support cannot be offered instantly, which ends up losing the chance to serve the public.

The fellow countrymen who obtain the general concept of medical cosmetology of stomatology and the aging society have become a global trend; therefore, the requirement of tooth root implants has become increasingly well-known. Based on the above factors, we see to a fact that the foreign imported implants are so expensive that they may not be suitable for our fellow countrymen to use. In view of this, Biomate Medical Devices
Technology Co., Ltd gained control of the market trend, resolutely investing in enormous funds and the Doctors and Masters group from the R & D team as well as international core technology in 2007. “PDLTM , the surface treatment technology,” obtained a lot of attention in all walks of life. We make use of non-contact plasma etching and Ion implantation to carry out surface modification without any harmful material remained, which functions as an entirely a pollution-free green eco-friendly engineering.

Different from the traditional wet etching which has remained sandblasting particles as well as acid corrosive liquid, there may be a risk of danger to the human body. The high S.L Affinity of the PDLTM can make the osteoblasts, namely, the bone cells, more easily to attach and to develop, promoting fast integration between the bones and the artificial tooth root resulted in the subtraction of the patient healing time. The announcement of this technology gained high degree of questioning from the participants of every country while holding an overseas exhibition. What gives  me more comfort is that the diligent findings of these years has prove that our country Taiwan eventually obtained the European Invention Award, Ukrainian International Invention Competition Golden Medal Award as well as Polish Creative Invention Silver Medal Award with our first self-produced brand of artificial tooth root. Such findings verify that the quality of Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd is outstanding, and its innovation has won the affirmation and recognition of European and U.S. markets. Glory is a temporary honor, and only if we keep promoting the quality and technology, can we have this as an eternal issue. I look forward to the Biomate medical supplies which is famous for its core business of research, production and OEM Micro Port tooth root implant, acupuncture needles and other relevant medical materials in combination with the experts and scholars from domestic and foreign medicine, research, academia to keep developing those self-produced brands of all sorts of medical equipment that is beneficial to the health of our fellow countrymen as well as developing some medical equipment with better cost and quality to assist the doctors in serving more people. Hopefully, the elder who has been suffered from the lack of teeth or by wearing a denture can regain the health and sense of beauty of the oral tooth structure on account of the efforts of Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd with its innovative implant due to better implant technology support. And hopefully, the elder can enjoy the cuisine and gourmet just as the younger generation do.