About us


Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, under the policy of “Technology Development Incentives promoting dental industry” by Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. Using the laser technology developed by Taiwan government, BIOMATE focus on the invention and manufacturing of dental implant, and has been supported and invested by the government with hundreds of million NT dollars. Now we have 2 GMP factories with the top manufacturing equipment of medical devices in Kaohsiung Science Park. Cooperating with professional research centers of medical universities in Taiwan and the group of physicians from dental implant related societies and associations, BIOMATE founded a R&D team that specialized in different fields; moreover, from the aspect of physicians, we worked together to research, develop and manufacture a dental implant system that is more suitable for Asians - the BIOMATE dental implant system. A digital dental technology center and an educational training center of dental implant were established in order to provide a total solution for dentistry.

Core Product

With over 7 years of development and manufacture of BIOMATE dental implant system, both of the designs of the product functions and clinical practice are human-oriented, expecting to provide physicians a more efficient and convenient way to practice with enhanced medical quality and increase the satisfaction of patients. The unique PDL (precision dimension laser) surface treatment even marks as a breakthrough.

The unique PDLTM (Precision Dimensions Laser) Laser Surface Treatment is major huge breakthrough and has won various international awards and international product certificates:

●2011: European exhibition of creativity and innovation Special Award, International Warsaw Invention Show Sliver Medal, International Salon of  Inventions and New Innovation Technologies Gold Medal
●2012: ISO 13485, CE Approval
●2013: 16th Archimedes Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Gold Medal
●2015: FDA Approval

The micro-nano, 3D pores of BIOMATE implant surface can effectively improve the adherence and proliferation of osteocytes, accelerate the healing of the wound and improve the effect of osseointegration. PDLTM Surface Treatment applies precise parametric design and through high efficacy laser luminous energy to strike qualitative micro-nano, complex 3D pores that greatly increases the contact surface area of the bone and the implant, optimizes the effect of cell proliferation and osseointegration without any toxic residue.

Future Plan

●We will keep developing our grassroots in Taiwan while extending the scale of market to Europe, the US and China.
●Based on the technology of PDL surface treatment, we will research and develop related medical devices, including electrocautery, acupuncture needle, bone screw and bone plate, as well as minimally invasive    surgery instruments. 
●Striving to be internationalized, BIOMATE aims to be a listed company in the future.
●With the vision of BIOMATE, we will construct a global marketing channel to follow and meet the need of    the market.

●We expect to obtain trust with the quality and techniques of our medical devices and strive to be the most reliable partner for physicians and patients.



Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd was established. Medical instrument & apparatus research team was officially formed through recruitment.

Our capital was raised to 80 million.


Our acupuncture needle innovation project was officially activated.

By proposal submission, our company officially applied for stationing into Kaohsiung base of Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Our company acquired permit to stationing into Kaohsiung base of Southern Taiwan Science Park. We are the first team that specializes in traditional acupuncture subject inside Kaohsiung base of Southern Taiwan Science Park.

We introduced Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) into our company.

lant installation and facilitation.


Our company acquired permit of interior decoration within the park. And then we officially moved into standard plant area in the park.

Our company was honored to be listed among the leading brands of artificial tooth root by Taiwan External Trade Development council.

We successfully acquired governmental financial support for the first year of our acupuncture needle innovation project.

By proposal submission, we applied for approval of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Biomate aseptic acupuncture needle.


Biomate aseptic acupuncture needle acquired approval from FDA.

Our company successfully acquired governmental financial support for the second year of our acupuncture needle innovation project.

Regarding our dental implant, we officially proposed registration to and approval by Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan).

Our dental implant has approved by and officially registered to TFDA.


Awarded The 9th National Innovation Award in the Innovative Product Category by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry.


Certified with ISO 13485:2003 and obtained the CE Approval of EU for "Dental Implant System".

Biomate acupuncture awarded the 16th Archimedes Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies.

Awarded 2013 Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards Bio-medical Merit Award


●Obtained the FDA Approval of the US.