Close-Tray Impression

Impression Coping Procedures─Close-Tray Impression

Impression Coping Method─Close-Tray Impression

Applicable Prosthetic Components :
Solid Abutment/ Simple Abutment(Hex / Non-Hex)/ 
Angled Abutment (Hex/ Non-Hex)/ Temporary Abutment (Hex/ Non-Hex)

1. Close-Tray Impression is suitable for Two Stage

2. After Two Stage Surgery procedures, select an appropriate Healing Abutment according to the adjacent space for the soft tissue to shape.

3. Remove Healing Abutment once soft tissue has shaped around it, and take impression with Close­Tray Type Impression Post. 

4. Select an Impression Post that corresponds with the Healing Abutment diameter.

5. Manually tighten the Impression Post to the fixture.

6. Inject elastomeric impression material.

7. Take impression with an impression tray

8. Use the Impression Post Screw to tighten the impression Post to the Implant Analog, and make the jaw model.

9. Once the dentures (crowns) are made in the dental lab, it is placed into the patient's mouth by the dentist.