Open-Tray Impression

Impression Coping Procedures─Open-Tray Impression

Impression Coping Method─Open-Tray Impression

Applicable Prosthetic Components :
Solid Abutment/ Simple Abutment(Hex / Non-Hex)/ 
Angled Abutment (Hex/ Non-Hex)/ Temporary Abutment (Hex/ Non-Hex)

1. Take impression with Open-Tray Type Impression Post once soft tissue has formed.

2. Use individual tray for the Open-Tray Impression method.

3. Ensure the position of the hole for the Impression Post Screw to go through on the Individual Tray.

4. Manually tighten the Impression Post to the fixture with the Impression Post Screw, and then inject elastomeric impression material.

5. Ensure the Impression Post Screw protrudes from the holes on the Individual Tray when taking 1mpression.

6. Unscrew to remove Impression Post Screw before taking out the tray once the impression material has cured. 

7. Remove the individual tray, the Impression Post will remain in the impression material.

8. Use the Impression Post Screw to connect the impression Post and Implant Analog together, and make the jaw model.

9. Once the dentures (crowns) are made in the dental lab, and placed into the patient's mouth by the dentist.