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Impression Coping ProceduresQuick Impression

Impression Coping MethodQuick Impression

Applicable Prosthetic Components:
Solid Abutment/ Simple Abutment(Hex / Non-Hex)

1. Remove the Healing Abutment once the soft tissue has shaped around it.

2. Select a suitable Solid Abutment or Simple Abutment according to patient's oral condition.

3. Verify the diameter, gingival height and interface specifications when selecting the abutment. Use Screw Driver 01.25 with torque ratchet to lock the abutment into the fixture.

4. Tighten the abutment to the fixture with recommended torque 25 Nern.

5. Cover the Impression Coping over the abutment with some force to ensure they are firmly assembled.

6. Inject elastomeric impression material.

7. Take impression with an impression tray.

8. Remove the tray carefully when the impression is cured. Impression Coping will remain in the impression material when pulled off.

9. Place the Abutment Analog into the Impression Coping, and make the jaw model. Impression Coping, and make the jaw model.

10. Cover the abutment with Protect Cap for protection.

11. Once the dentures (crowns) are made in the dental lab, it is placed into the patient's mouth by the dentist.